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Your own life experiences can inspire topics for adventure essays. Write about a recent vacation. Include details about the new discoveries made along the way. Detail any hardships encountered from the natural world. Perhaps you dodged rattlesnakes on a hiking trip through the Badlands in South Dakota. Your throat was parched as the sun beat down relentlessly, with no end to the trail in sight. Use descriptive detail and hints from the above three attention-getting types of adventure to make your essay more exciting. Perhaps you were only in the Badlands for an afternoon, but you can detail the adventure to make an afternoon feel just as exciting as a year.

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An adventure essay can explore new lands or discoveries. Take the reader on a journey to a foreign land or even into space. Describe the people and the differences in terrain, culture and foods. Consider the challenges faced in a strange land. You could write an essay on famous novels with discovery themes, such as Jules Verne's “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” which plunges the reader under Earth’s crust to uncover its secrets. Alternatively, consider writing about famous explorers as an essay topic. Follow the trails of Christopher Columbus, Lewis and Clark, or Neil Armstrong.

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Adventure essays are about recounting the adventures of various people and may be something real or even imaginary. But writing these essays can be a challenging and a tough task. This article is written to help the students writing adventure essays in understanding the essay better and what is required of them.

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