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Animal Farm Essay 'Animal Farm,' a novel by George Orwell, has a theme based around power; how it is abused and how it's used in a good way. 'Animal Farm' also explores how it is transferred between characters as the story progresses. It is also fair to say that every event that takes place on 'Animal Farm' has a political significance which mirror the events which took place in the Russian Revolution. The characters in the novel represent famous political figures from history. I think that George Orwell wrote 'Animal Farm' because he wanted to make people actually think about what the novel and the characters contained in it represent. Power on 'Animal Farm' ends up being totally abused - I think that George Orwell's theory is that when one person has absolute power, it corrupts completely, and that it will never work. At the beginning of 'Animal Farm' we see how Mr Jones is at the top of the power 'hierarchy;' he has the most power, although it's more of an authority that Jones has over the animals compared to him having power.