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Taking into consideration the fact that Antigone is the protagonist of the play, Creon is claimed to play the antagonist role. He represents the force Antigone is in opposition to. As it was said before, there are some facts that put him into the protagonist shoes. There’s a range of good supportive points for this fact, but the best one is that the King of Thebes is the one, who can boast of having the moments of both – anagnorisis and peripeteia.

A major theme of Antigone is the conflict between religious law and man-made law.

In Sophocles play Antigone the main characters; Antigone, Creon, Ismene and Haemon go through the process of Greek tragedy, which consists of Creon transforming from the proud lord of Thebes to a defeated, grief-stricken mortal. The play takes place in the city of Thebes and its countryside. This story seems the same as other Greek tragedies in that one of the character’s decisions affects other characters, usually with a negative outcome. Creon and Antigone are both stubborn and do not listen to others. Creon declares that Antigone will be killed since she decided to go against his decree, that her brother Polyneices would not be buried since he fought against Thebes and Eteocles. Creon is warned that, “stubborn self-will incurs a charge of stupidity” (L, 1028) and that he should reconsider his options. With no regard to what he’s been told Creon his decision does not falter. Finally when Creon comes to his senses it is too late, he discovers his son Haemon has killed himself and that Antigone is dead too. The play ends with Creon regretting his actions and both dead.

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