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With the plot expanded and the first data point dropped, we see that the isotope ratio measured for the rest of the linearity standards covers a range of about 0.6 to 0.7 ‰ over a range of amplitudes covering 22 V. The standard deviation for the data points observed above is 0.23 ‰, which is not bad at all. If we fit a line to this data, then we can make a small correction for the linearity effect we see over this range. (Note that there are more complex ways to go about making linearity corrections, but a line fit for this data set will be good enough and easier to explain)

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It was on that November day that ASU announced its club team would compete as an NCAA Division I program beginning in 2015-16. ASU followed the model set by Penn State, the last team to make the jump, by receiving a sizable private donation to fund the addition of a men's hockey program. But where Penn State received $102 million, ASU received $32 million.

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Mackie might be an anomaly, though. The idea that ASU has a recruiting advantage because of the weather is overly simplistic. ASU offers the opportunity for players to escape the harsh winters of the Midwest and Northeast, but the truly elite players are less concerned with that than going to an established program with a history of advancing players to the next level.