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 Audison Thesis TH 1.5 violino

Elettromedia’s booth displayed an array of four demo-cars equipped with the latest products from Hertz and Audison: for the most demanding audiophile, a Chrysler Grand Voyager featuring a system with Hertz Mille speakers, Audison Thesis HV venti and Audison LRx amplifiers; right beside it, a black Fiat 500 with an authentic entry-level installation with high-end sound, where the new Hertz Energy and Energy-Power product ranges were demonstrated; after an incredible tour through the most important European events, the long awaited comeback of the Fiat Grande Punto was featured in an area dedicated to the Masters Network.

AUDISON THESIS TH 6.5 Sax - Hi-End Woofer | eBay


Stepping inside once again, the car has been completely refreshed, every surface either replaced with a new part, or retrimmed by the talented guys of Studio InCar in Charcoal Alcantara with orange stitching. When the shoot was carried out, the car still had it’s original steering wheel and dashboard, due to them not being ready for the 8th of March deadline, but they are also due to be retrimmed in matching Alcantara to tie the interior together. After the full inside and out respray, the car was fitted with sound deadening to give the car that well-made feel, and to accompany what is considered Studio InCars forte, audio. This is an area where no expense was spared, as when Nick isn’t listening to the war cry of the S54, he’s enjoying perfectly setup music, such as some period correct Michael Jackson when we were driving to the different locations. After all, if you’re going to be spending time enjoying the car and travelling to shows all over the UK and Europe, you need some quality music to accompany you! The system is all Audison except for the Pioneer head unit, with their 3 way front end custom trimmed in to the interior, with the Mid Bass drivers placed in the front footwells, the mids in the A Pillars, and the sculpted in to the door cards (sadly they were sent back to the Audison factory in Italy to be repaired, as they are no longer produced due to being too expensive to produce anymore). The front sound stage was accompanied by 2x 10” Subwoofers in the rear which can be seen through the window in the expertly created boot build, which shows off the impressive looking Audison Thesis HV Venti, and the twin air tanks trimmed in Orange Alcantara. SIC have also made some covers to hide the gaps that are caused by the boot hinges when the boot is open, a small touch that makes the build look even more complete. Attention to detail is a running theme on this project.