Ed Week looks at the debate on automated essay scoring

In addition to the Educational Testing Service, two companies, Knowledge Analysis Technologies and Vantage Learning, offer automated essay scoring. ''While there are slight differences in terms of the job they do, they come up with very similar numbers,'' said Mark Shermis, a professor of educational psychology at Florida International University. He is evaluating the use of Criterion to help 10th graders in Miami improve their writing scores on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

Automated Essay Scoring (AES) is the future of essay grading

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Here is a rough diagram of automated essay scoring:

We compared Automated Essay Scoring and instructor feedback in an ESL classroom.

Conversely, the evaluation performance of conventional automated essay scoring applications may decrease as the number of criteria examined is increased beyond a relatively low number of criteria. Therefore, conventional automated essay scoring applications may make use of a relatively small subset of possible criteria. This may, in turn, result in scoring anomalies and may account for the difference in scores between human evaluators and conventional automated essay scoring applications.