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It is necessary to start a biological warfare essay giving a background of the development of such weapons; one should research into the history where there has been mention of usage of these weapons of mass destruction in the in Hittite transcript of 1500 BC, the First Sacred War and as well as in the legendary epic of the Trojan War. Writes should illustrate the usage of biological weapons in the bygone era. These historical usage of biological weaponry, help readers in understanding the evolution of these weapons and also contribute to making the essay intriguing.

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In addition to the threat to humanity and the planet there are also a lot many other threats that have risen due to the development of biological weapons. And it is essential that all of these threats are comprehensively discussed in the biological warfare essay. The main threats that one could look at portraying in the essay could comprise of:

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It is of primary importance that a biological warfare essay brings out the hazardous causes of the usage of such weapons. Writers should discuss the impact of the viruses used to make such weapons on all living beings. The key impacts which one could look at illustration upon are: