title = {Cognitive Science BSc Thesis},

Students should have successfully completed at least 100 credits of the BIL programme, including the courses SLM-10306 Land Degradation and Remediation; WRM-21312 Design in Land and Water Management 2 and YRM-21306 Research Methodology for Human Environment Interactions.
The BSc thesis is the third of a set of three courses that constitute the BIL completion trajectory. The first course in this set is YRM-21306 while the second course is YEI-70318 BSc Internship International Land and Water Management. The three courses are highly interwoven and the thesis and internship even run simultaneously. They are carried out partly in an international land and water management context abroad and partly in Wageningen. The set of courses is preceded by an intake with the applicable course coordinator.
YEI-70318 and YEI-80812 must be followed simultaneously in block, either in periods 1, 2 and 3 or in periods 4, 5 and 6. The block ends with a month of joint sessions in Wageningen (depending on the choice of periods either in January or in June). In addition, it is recommended to have completed ENT- 50303 Analysis and Prevention of Health Risks in the Tropics.

BSc thesis (finished): Analysing a dynamic walker's gait stability for compliant and rigid ankles

This robot was the topic of a two-person BsC thesis at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Poland.
Tomasz Stós
Michał Kramarczyk

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BSc thesis (finished): Using Echo State Networks in Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning for Policy Improvement

BSC is the national science-based bird conservation organization. Its mission is to conserve the wild birds of Canada with research, citizen science programs, and advocacy. The Christmas Bird Count is a citizen science program that allows BSC to track trends.