Looking for ACT help? . Plus, With College Essay Organizer, you will:

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It’s not that I mind College Essay Organizer is charging for its services, I could see it being worth the money for the right person. What bothers me is that virtually all the time-saving features are only available on the upgrade but that’s not really clear before you sign up. All of the claims just refer to the generic “College Essay Organizer” rather than the specific product QuickFinder or RoadMap. And the hitting you with the 25 college limit after you have already made your initial choices is just borderline scummy.

College Essay Organizer co-founder Daniel Stern talks about the importance of your college essay.

Members can now subscribe for daily updates on the status of current glitches the Common App is working through. Unfortunately, many of the ongoing issues will not be fixed in time for early applicants. If you would like to know more about the Common App's issues and how to avoid them, you can log into your College Essay Organizer account and click on the Essay Access tab to register for our upcoming webcast on Oct. 29 at 8pm entitled, "The Common Mis-App: Avoiding the Glitches and Submitting in Style."

Looking for SAT help? . Plus, With College Essay Organizer, you will:

College Essay Organizer co-founder Scott Farber talks about the importance of your college essay.

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So this is the problem in trying to find free resources and review them. Of course you expect some to be less than useful and you can justify including them under resources you should know about if only so that other people don’t waste their time on them. But you also run into resources that aren’t really free and ruin your theme for the headline and picture. The College Essay Organizer is one such resource.College Essay Organizer founder and president Daniel Stern was recently quoted by independent consultant and journalist Nancy Griesemer for discussing the increase in frequency of the option to submit a graded paper: "Graded papers allow applicants to showcase their writing and reasoning skills on their own terms—the SAT and ACT essays are a bit of a joke and aren’t taken that seriously by colleges because of how they are ." As colleges explore ways to make the application process more holistic and predictive of future academic success, more schools are adding test-optional policies which require students to submit a graded paper in lieu of test scores.