Differences between an All College Thesis and a Senior Thesis:

The Graduate College Thesis/Dissertation Manual indicates the preview requirement. Additionally, early each semester Graduate Coordinators and Secretaries receive an email from the Thesis/Dissertation Reviewer asking them to forward to the Graduate College the names of all students from their department who plan to submit a thesis that particular semester. Upon receipt of that list the Graduate College verifies the Thesis Committee Approval Form has been submitted and forwards an email to the student explaining the preview process.

All Honors College theses include these sections, :

College thesis should not go beyond the main requirements. Thus, your project must communicate your own opinion, but not a restated view previously stated by you in the topic sentence. Your project should only precisely highlight the subject matter that you want to start a discussion with. Don’t be afraid to apply all found materials to make the work fit into the assigned question. What is more, you should avoid being gender biased because your project needs evaluation from all sexes. Last but not least, what should be especially emphasized is the use of correct grammar. As far as this is more than a simple class writing task, you should do your best to perform it on the excellent level.

The Honors College Thesis Handbook and Guidelines

All College Thesis/Senior Thesis – CSB/SJU

Many colleges use the , which allows you to use the same main statement of purpose for multiple colleges while answering different supplemental questions for each one.