Dissertation Committee Member Responsibilities

the dissertation topics and ideas others have focused on will give you a good sense of what your department will find acceptable for your dissertation topic. Choosing a Dissertation Topic Based on Convenience You should also choose a dissertation topic or idea that is convenient. Ask yourself several questions before choosing your dissertation topic: 1) Are there people in your department readily available to help you develop your dissertation topic and research? 2) Is there a faculty member who would be interested in working with you closely on your dissertation topic, ideas and research? If you choose a dissertation topic that faculty in your department are unfamiliar with, you will have a hard time finding dissertation support. This could make your experience frustrating and extremely difficult to complete. Also, a disinterested dissertation committee member or chair may not offer you the time and attention you will need to complete the dissertation. If you choose a topic that a dissertation committee member or chair is familiar with and/or interested in, they will be more invested in the timely completion of your dissertation. They will probably be more likely to offer you the advice and dissertation assistance you will need throughout the dissertation process. In addition, dissertation committee members may have some data you can use for your dissertation or might allow you to add your instruments to an ongoing study. If this is not the case, you might want to reach out to an organization that is data driven to explore the possibility of choosing a dissertation topic or idea related to a pre-existing data set. This could save you a lot of time and effort when its time to collect data for your dissertation. Accept a dissertation or thesis of convenience? Sometimes students are faced with the dilemma of accepting a dissertation or theses of convenience. This situation can be especially difficult to negotiate. Students in this situation are frequently encouraged to develop their dissertations by extending the current research of their professor. In exchange for furthering your professor s research, you may receive the benefits of using an existing database and other resources that can potentially expedite the dissertation 11

Best of luck in choosing dissertation committee members and a successful dissertation experience!

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Dissertation Committee Member Invitation Letter

If a dissertation committee member is absent, the following rules apply:

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