Guidelines and forms for establishing the dissertation committee.

Format for the Dissertation Committee Meeting
It is the student’s responsibility to schedule each dissertation committee meeting. Each meeting consists of a student oral presentation (PowerPoint talk) that briefly reminds the committee of the specific aims of the project before proceeding to the experimental results obtained from each specific aim. The student should be prepared to answer questions during the presentation as per the request of individual committee members.

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Once a dissertation receives a grade of Distinction or Pass, the dissertation committee must sign the Defense Examination report, which is provided to the dissertation committee chair by the SIS Director of Doctoral Studies. The student must also provide two copies of the properly formatted title page of the dissertation for signature by all members of the dissertation committee. After the title page is signed by each member of the dissertation committee, the student must submit both copies to the PhD academic advisor. The student will also need to . For questions about formatting or electronic submission please email .

The Dissertation Committee: Responsibilities

Guiding the candidate in the selection of Dissertation committee members

Many universities and colleges allow the doctoral students can select their dissertation chair and committee. Now this is not true for all universities and colleges, it is something to consider when selecting where to obtain your doctoral degree. There are many thoughts of theory when it comes to selecting a dissertation chair and two committee members. Remember to become peer-reviewed the requirement is three doctorates. Some universities and colleges will allow guest doctorates to serve on a dissertation committee, it does require special permission.