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In the next few weeks, I will be sharing some excerpts from the Survival Kit here on Essay Hell. I’m always eager (and SO GRATEFUL) for readers to provide feedback and reviews on the Amazon pages of my guides, such as (my step-by-step writing guide for writing narrative-style college app essays) and (a collection of inspiring sample college app essays written mostly by my former students).

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Since we’re in the midst of college essay season, I wanted to share some wonderful advice about how to write a great college essay. Janine Robinson, my go-to-person for the best college-essay tips, writes regularly on this topic at her blog – Essay Hell. I’d highly recommend that you visit Essay Hell and also check […]

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This is a free example college essay on Hell:
If hell does exist, why wouldn’t ceaseless torture be fitting for such an evil environment? Heaven is an idea of endless paradise for those who have lived a morally good life and who have helped others. Those of us who have earned the torture by being morally corrupted do not deserve to enjoy the pleasantries of heaven that needed to be earned in this world by being virtuous.