Essay On Cloning - Viewpoints Of The Major Religions. - GCSE ...

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 Argumentative Essay On Cloning

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Essay On Cloning - Viewpoints Of The Major Religions. - GCSE ...

Essay On Cloning

There is a great deal of those who support the idea of human cloning, saying that it can be really very effective for modern science. They say that cloning humans can be used for new discoveries and tests resulting in finding and testing the cures for all serious diseases still remaining incurable. The proponents of human cloning say that human cloning can be a solution for making people live longer and happier as it will be possible to cultivate body organs which would have a 100 per cent match with our body. Finally, human cloning will give modern humanity a chance to modify our body and literally design a new human, a stronger, wiser, more healthy, and more powerful one. It can be a good answer to increasing cases on infertility of modern men and women. When writing an essay on cloning, it is necessary to analyze and mention all pro arguments, even though those can fall into contradiction with the author’s point of view.