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Try not to get lost in a variety of exploratory essay topics. Choose a topic, that will be really exciting for you, and that you can further investigate in the future.

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Whether you're in high school or college, exploratory essay topics that relate directly to you and your immediate concerns may be especially inspiring. Consider writing about the pressures of applying to college, teen pregnancy, underage drinking, effects of divorce on children, homework, the pros and cons of social media, technology in the classroom, dating trends and the effects of video games on attention spans and modern entertainment.

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If you are the one who gets to pick the topic for your Exploratory essays, then choose something that you already know well. This is the easiest and the biggest shortcut around. You already have the material in your head, ready to put it down on paper. Plus you will already have a few good ideas about where to search for more information. The things you know may be a little boring. You may know a few of Shakespeare's works or the story about manufacture of the "Titanic", but you consider them boring. In most circumstances, people know these sorts of things because they studied them at school. If they hadn't studied this information at school, they would have never researched them. In that case, if you are the one who is able to pick the Exploratory essay topic of your choice, then pick something that you enjoy. Choose something what you want to learn, or what already interests you. Use the Exploratory essay as a way of learning something that you want to know about.