Any exploratory essay example must have the following constituent parts:

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You should answer these questions in an exploratory essay by doing the following:

The most interesting feature of an exploratory essay is the freedom you get with the approach you wish to adopt. Even if the topic is pre-assigned, each submission would be different as the students are at liberty to choose any perspective which appeals to them.

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A writer should begin an exploratory essay by telling the reader what topic she intends to explore and why it matters. For example, a writer who is exploring the risks and rewards of changing careers in her 40s might state her intent and explain that it is important because many women face the same dilemma. This establishes a purpose for the essay and gives the reader a reason to keep reading.

An exploratory essay is similar to an inquiry essay where the individual wants to know something. In simple terms it will teach the audience. Often the writer starts with a topic without any clear viewpoint on it. The writer is determined to find out more information and why it would be interesting to an audience. The writer looks at several points of view without any bias. The more research is completed the more the writer takes on a point of view. The focus on the exploratory essay is a question.An exploratory essay often does not have a thesis, but is designed to add information as it asks questions. Often a great way to explore a topic is to brainstorm what is known about a topic. Take the information known to ask a question to begin the exploration of the issue.The writer begins to get an overall picture of the topic as he/she researches. Often more questions lead to further research of the topic. The exploratory essay address both content-oriented questions as well as rhetorical questions. The writer considers both sides of the issue as he researches. What are the different sides to an issue? What does the research show about a particular issue? Does this information seem bias? What are the statistics on the issue? Which point of view does the research seem to back? Questions are important to this type of essay.This type of essay is a very specific one as the author basically begins writing the work without having a definite position or attitude to the analyzed subject. This is a “flow” essay as the conclusions come to the author in the Exploratory of writing. During the Exploratory of writing an exploratory essay the writer learns more and more about the subject and the reader can trace the formation of his subjective opinion on it. It is different fro other essays as it is not aimed to reveal the author’s knowledge on the topic but the ability to learn throughout the Exploratory of writing.