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Global warming increases the intensity and the frequency of tropical storms.

Global warming is now a central problem of all states and countries as it affects not only the rising temperature of the earth but is also the main cause of several calamities throughout nations. Several researchers are now looking for alternative solutions to the increasing problem in nature and looking deeper into the problems that cause such. Some of the manifestations of this concern are the natural calamities like global warming, heavy floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. As part of this agenda, a lot of institutions are instilling awareness to the people, particularly students and masses regarding the current state of the earth. And as a means to an end, academic institutions are requiring its students, professionals, and committed individuals to develop global warming thesis.

Global Warming Thesis Statement

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Food Supply is the problem which is lead by the increased population in the worldwide. As per the analysis, around seven billion of population is measured in all over the world. This rapidly increased population affects the supply of food in the worldwide because resources are limited but conversely population is increasing with pace. If the population will increase with this pace then it will be difficult to feed each individual. This causes global warming with the increasing population (Global Warming 101, 2007).