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Than you for this info, my only confusion is this: I rank No1 on Google for the keyword ” Florentina ” , there are over 5 million results. Why don’t I get substantial traffic from this keyword ?

Research at Google tackles the most challenging problems in Computer Science and related fields

In September 2008, Google introduced the web browser in status. The Chrome browser is the world's most widely used web browser across all platforms as of October 2016.

Writing Thesis - Android Apps on Google Play

Figure 6 Android’s revenue stream From the image above we can identify two revenue streams for Google and the OHA stakeholders.

The continuous endeavor to diversify product and services through sustained efforts in research & development forms an important component of our valuation. While we expect that the company will continue to grow its revenue off its leading space in the advertisement and search market, its ability to diversify its future revenue in different streams is a key to the current valuation. We therefore expect its revenue to grow along a more diversified route. This statement requires some explanation, for most still don’t seem to understand the Google business model. Google monetizes the vast majority of its initiatives through ad revenue. This causes many to label Google’s various ventures as a failure, due to being misled by cost shifting. Google cost shifts through a myriad of products, disrupting entire industries, then monetizes the results through “Ad Revenue”. Thus, looking for direct revenue streams from Android is fruitless in comparison to searching for strength in ad revenue bolstered by Android.