Honors Thesis students have access to:

A (rough) digital transfer of my 16mm honors thesis film. The entire film was shot on 16mm 250D and Tri-X Kodak film stocks. All effects were done in-camera using a rewind key, the painted plexiglass was used as a handmade filter, not an effect added in post, and the entire piece was manually edited.

Every Brock Scholar must complete either a  or an Honors College thesis in the Honors College.

Shah has performed at many venues in the United States, India, and the UK. He graduated from Dartmouth College in June 2015, where he studied History and Economics, and wrote an award-winning Honors Thesis dealing with Indian Classical Music’s intellectual history; the thesis was praised by leading scholars of Indian history. He is also currently working on several musical projects, including a debut classical album and an album of devotional hymns. He recently released a music video of the Kabir Poem, “Jhini Jhini Chadariya.”

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Check to see if your major capstone is listed as an eligible Honors thesis in the .

The Honors Thesis is defined as a sustained, independent project in a student’s field of study. It must count for at least 4 credits, and no more than 8 credits, of the required 16 credits of Honors in Major work.

The Departmental Honors thesis and the Interdisciplinary Honors thesis are both two-semester, 4 credit hour independent projects where the student works closely with a faculty director. The Departmental Honors thesis must be within the student's major area of study, while the Honors College thesis should be in an area outside the student's major. Both types of honors thesis provide the opportunity to engage deeply with a subject of particular interest, to build a collaborative relationship with a faculty mentor, and to contribute original scholarship to an academic discipline or disciplines. The thesis provides an excellent foundation for graduate-level research, and many honors theses have led to publication in scholarly journals. The Library acquires copies of honors theses to serve the needs of students and faculty, to provide access to Whitman College scholarship outside the Whitman community, and to ensure that these original works are available to researchers for consultation in the future.