Ideas for an Illustrative Thesis Statement

Completed over the course of four to five summers, the M.F.A. in Children’s Book Writing and Illustrating is the first of its kind in the country. Students desiring a terminal degree, and who want to both write and illustrate can immerse themselves in a concentrated creative environment, supported by a foundation of critical study in the appropriate genres and in the history of children’s book illustration.

There is also a Certificate in Children’s Book Illustration at the graduate level.

Amidst this growing body of data, Rubin’s work was particularly influential because of three factors. First was the clarity and directness of the papers, including beautiful illustrations of the raw spectra that she was measuring—the flatness of the rotation curves could not be denied. Second was the fact that Rubin and her colleagues followed up with several more papers over the next few years, each one enlarging the sample and demonstrating the ubiquity of flat curves. Third were Rubin’s presentations at numerous astronomical conferences, which, like the published papers, were clear, direct, pared down to essentials, and ultimately compelling.

Will Candesign - Illustration Thesis

An illustration essay, also known as an example essay, includes various examples that illustrate the paper's thesis. If you were writing a...

Here are three examples of introduction paragraphs. They have been re-written several times to illustrate the difference between excellent, good and poor answers. For a close reading of the examples, click the images below.