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Essay/MPT Analysis Report
I examine NY bar exam essays/MPTs using the same methodology as the score analysis. I strongly urge all failing examinees to order their essays from NY BOLE immediately after scores are released in order to review your essay and MPT answers. You disadvantage yourself if you do not order and review your essays because you will not know what mistakes to correct (e.g. did you miss obvious issues, was your writing style poor or careless, how did your answers compare to the released above average answers). In the past six years, I have sent to over 500+ examinees encompassing over 2,500 Essays/500 MPTs from the Feb 2010 - Feb 2016 exams. This 27 page analysis reports statistics such as words, characters, paragraphs, sentences, sentences per paragraph, words per sentence, characters per word, Flesch reading ease, and Flesch-Kincaid grade level. The analysis illustrates how your answers statistically differ from the released above average answers and other examinee essays. The essays/MPTs are examined against the released above average essays/MPTs and the essays/MPTs of other failing examinees and exemplar essays/MPTs. I also analyze word frequencies and report any useful data.

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Learn how to read, outline, and write a passing-level essay for the New York Bar Exam. Remember, knowing the law on the New York Bar Exam is only the first step. In order to pass the NY Bar Exam, you also need to know how to write an effective essay. Effective, passing NY Bar Exam essays focus upon organization, clear, concise issue statements, statement of the substantive law, and lawyer-like analysis. Our New York Bar Exam Essay Solution is designed to teach how to achieve this objective.


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The workshop culminates with a guided, practice essay question, which enables you to put the Essay Solution into practice. Complete a practice essay and follow along as we demonstrate how to read the question and organize your answer while pointing out best practices and, just as importantly, what not to do when composing your answers for any NY Bar Exam essay question.