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A young man’s family reports that he was brutally beaten by police during a shoplifting arrest; police are photographed smearing pepper spray in the eyes of non-violent protestors—these are but two of the recent reports of alleged police brutality throughout the U.S., a problem that has been described as epidemic.

However, police brutality toward the Roma minority remains a serious issue.

Since joining the European Union in 2004, the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) has assessed the Latvian criminal justice system a number of times. Whilst the CPT gives appropriate authorities recommendations for improvements such as a review board for ill-treatment, they found that in 2011, Latvian authorities had not enacted any of their 2007 recommendations. Furthermore, their 2011 report outlined a number of cases of police brutality within the prison system, with ill-treatment allegations such as punching, kicking and a few cases of misuse of police batons and excessively tight handcuffing. This was alleged to occur mostly at the time of apprehension or during their time at the police station (including during questioning).

Police brutality thesis statement

A short 1 minute video synopsis for my Dissertation based on Police brutality through the year of 2014.

The authors discuss the issue of police brutality in the American society at length. Different academics, activists, writers and intellectuals have written essays which discuss the issue of police brutality. They have also linked police brutality to racism in the United States (Nelson, 2001: 44-45). The authors trace the history of police brutality to the slavery period and its practice to the modern day society. They then link the incidences of police brutality with racism. They do this through providing readers with evidence on races which experience most forms of police brutality. These races mainly include the black race, although minority races are also seen to be victims of police brutality. "Professor Katheryn Russell" explains that the police link the black community to cases of criminal activities (Nelson, 2001: 10). It is on this basis that the police use brutality when dealing with the black race.