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We'll read models of a variety of approaches to the science essay, including essays by Alan Lightman, Malcolm Gladwell, Elizabeth Kolbert, Oliver Sacks and others, noting in particular how they bring scientific ideas to life for readers. Topics for discussion will include the challenge of explaining scientific concepts; the "personal realm" (Kanigel) of science; myth vs. science; fairness and objectivity in scientific writing; and the "non-quantifiable considerations" (Collini) that are necessarily part of conversations about science. Students will write 5 essays, revising 4 of them, and polishing (re-revising). The class will also have a service learning component, in which MIT students work with a local high school class. Note: this is not a technical writing class.

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In today’s world of Science and technology, the students are burdened with many Science papers. Teachers like their students to work with the pace of the development in the world. While matching their students’ speed with the speed of development, the teachers forget that the students are also in need of some other things in life. They can have many other tasks to do. The teachers usually assign Science papers to students and associate a short time scale with the Science papers. They ask the students to manage an unmanageable time. Students are not expert writers and have not written any professional document. Due to this reason, they are not able to write well. The students are not aware of rules and regulations set for academic writing. This lack of knowledge concerning academic writing creates problems for the students. The students are in need of support and assistance from some supportive entity. There are many types of Science papers such as Science essay, Science term paper, Science research paper, Science thesis and Science dissertation. For all kinds of Science papers, there are some general rules that should be followed to generate good Science papers. The students should include a descriptive introduction that suggests the topic of Science paper; there should be a well-written conclusion; there should be organization of ideas; there should be proper citation and reference page containing details of resources employed according to the standard writing pattern assigned by your teacher; there should be arguments with validating examples and comments and finally there should be no plagiarism or mistake in the written Science papers. If a student follows all the points described, he/she is never going to be disqualified in the Science papers.

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The academic essay type you need to write in will also affect the scientific essay topic you select. The following is a list of suggested topics for some essay types: