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Each year the ASBCI awards a prize of the best dissertation on a topic related to the fashion and textiles industry, with colleges and universities across the UK submitting their top student dissertations to be judged by the academic and industry reading panel.


A reference letter from a thesis or dissertation advisor evaluating the merits of the proposed project and discussing the contributions of the student to his/her field (i.e., presentations, papers, awards, or other evidence of scholarly superiority), and a statement confirming that the students dissertation approval has been approved.

Alcohol and Students Dissertation Project DMU tech project

Market Segmentation : A Student Dissertation

When on leave, faculty members should make arrangements for continued, regular supervision of the doctoral students whose dissertations they are sponsoring (by mail, telephone, email, or through occasional meetings.) Where this is impossible, the faculty sponsor has the responsibility for ensuring that during his/her absence, the second reader will take on the primary responsibility for such supervision during the period in which the faculty sponsor cannot be reached.