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The summary response essay, like any basic writing task for English as a Second Language students, is also an opportunity to develop cohesion in writing. Once students have mastered the general format of a summary response essay, the next step is to have them refine their writing by looking at how appropriate transitional words and phrases can be added to aid them in clarifying ideas and creating stronger arguments.

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When students have become comfortable using the summary response format, argumentation can be introduced using the same structure. This allows students to focus on dealing with their ideas without needing to also worry about organizational issues in the essay. If they are working within the familiar framework of the summary response essay, they will be free to explore how concession and refutation can be used to strengthen opinions and enhance critical thinking. is a concept that will take students some time to digest, so if students can work within a familiar framework, it minimizes the amount of new information that needs to be processed at once.

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It is often used to introduce students to the notion of source integration, and it can also serve as a foundation for introducing other rhetorical styles. As students prepare to undertake university coursework, they need to be prepared to respond to reading material responsibly and effectively, and the summary response essay is excellent way to help them begin to learn how to do so.

It examines ideas that you agree or disagree with
It identifies the essay’s strengths and weaknesses
in reasoning and logic
in quality of supporting examples
in organization and style.
A good response is persuasive; therefore, it should cite facts, examples, and personal experience that either refutes or supports the article you’re responding to, depending on your stance.
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