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The assignment you turn in to me should include 1) the question or questions you think you want to answer, and 2) the tentative thesis statement (a well-constructed hypothetical answer to your question or questions). See me soon if you have questions! Good luck.

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A tentative thesis, or working thesis, is the writer's overall promise to the reader regarding what the essay will deliver. For example, when writing an argumentative essay, the tentative thesis should detail the writer's primary argument or position. A tentative thesis in an analysis paper details the topic the writer will be investigating, evaluating and analyzing.

Forming a Tentative Thesis - What are You Starting to Believe

Your tentative thesis:

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Your tentative thesis offers a specific answer to a debatable question. For example, on the topic of environmental racism, you may start to believe that there is an undeniable pattern environmentally harmful buildings like trash incinerators being located near or even within the neighborhoods of disadvantaged people of color in many cities, including Hartford. To test your provisional belief, you review your notes, and you become convinced that environmental racism must be confronted and corrected. As you try to assert your now more informed opinion, you might try to put this problem in a historical context. For example, thinking about the overt segregation until the 1960's, you might want to argue:

Although less obvious than the "Whites Only" signs of Jim Crow segregation, environmental racism is creating two zones in many U.S. cities so that disadvantaged people of color are restricted to living in city neighborhoods that unfairly diminish the health of the inhabitants, as shown by an excessive rate of childhood asthma caused by nearby incinerators in Hartford, CT.
Constructing a tentative thesis (hypothesis): Here is a somewhat formulaic approach to constructing a tentative thesis. It is just one possibility among many.