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The purpose of this thesis was to gain an understanding of the thermodynamics within a recently designed boiler, called the Henry Steamer. It is a forced circulation water tube boiler which can employ a modern, accurate control system. This enables the boiler to be small and compact. However previous design and optimisation of the Henry Steamer was performed using a trial and error method. The design of the boiler exists in its present state from years of evolving through a trial and error approach. This is not preferred and as such the objective of this thesis was to define the thermodynamics of the Henry Steamer boiler. Once the thermodynamics had been explored and trends could be seen, it was important to obtain an explanation for these results. Observing trends is beneficial, however gaining an understanding and explaining the cause of these trends is of greater importance.

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Chemical thermodynamics is the bit of thermodynamics that relates to compound responses. The Laws of Thermodynamics. In the first place law: Energy is preserved; it can be neither made nor crushed. Second law: In a disconnected framework, characteristic procedures are unconstrained when they prompt an increment in confusion, or entropy. Here explain structure of Chemical thermodynamics depends on the initial two laws of thermodynamics.

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