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As a single mother, professor Wendy Y. Carter, Ph.D., completed three masters' degrees and a PhD. Her motto is a Good Thesis/Dissertation is a Done Thesis/Dissertation. She is the creator of a new innovative interactive resource tool on CD—TADA! Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished. To learn more contact the author at visit

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I have been a dissertation coach at University of Maryland for sometime now and the creator of TA-DA!Thesis and Dissertation Accomplished. If there is one piece of advice I would give to first year students is to use every course to become the expert you want to be. For example, if you want to become an expert in Gender Studies you should use every course where you have to write a paper to explore the topic. If you have to take a required seminar on Demography or Architecture you might consider writing a paper that explores gender differences. Thus by the time you get to write your thesis or dissertation you will have covered much of the literature on gender. In other words, make the courses work for you and your interest. Don’t just take a course just to get an A. Write a paper as if you were going to submit it to a journal.

Thesis And Dissertation Accomplishedtmonline Program

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