Dolly Singh, Founder and CEO of Thesis Couture.

While Parke admits she's not familiar with Thesis Couture, she asserts "what sets us apart, is that we are bringing intelligent design to the luxury level."

Thesis Couture is designing high performance stilettos (Image: Thesis Couture)

"It was before we put a man on the moon that the modern-day stiletto was invented" said Thesis Couture founder and CEO Dolly Singh. "The modern day stiletto has a metal rod up the inside called a shank, it's a really skinny, metal plate, looks sort of like a prison knife and so it's not a particularly supportive frame or structure. You end up with 80 percent of your weight on the balls of your feet. And you have to remember the human body was evolved to carry weight on your heel bone."

A design of a Thesis Couture shoe. Image:

Thesis Couture is launching the world premiere of the first high-performance stiletto.

Or, alternatively: Could the technological advances that define Thesis Couture’s footwear render all of those questions moot? Will all the forces bearing down on the heel as it currently stands be absorbed into Thesis’s ballistics-grade polymer? Could it be that the arc of fashion really does bend toward comfort?

One company has finally come up with a solution to the pretty but paintful high heel problem. Thesis Couture, a fashion technology brand, is creating a revolutionary to wear sexy. If you're a shoeaholic like myself, you're well aware of the age-old comfort versus style dilemma and it looks like we finally have a solution.The first Thesis Couture collection will consist of just 1,500 pairs for $925 each, according to . They will certainly sell out. Eventually, the brand's, founder and CEO Dolly Singh, a former recruiter at The company claims the high-heel technology they've developed is the first innovation in nearly 50 years for making high heels more comfortable. Thesis Couture has been featured on , in a lengthy that covers the entire history of heels as it relates to feminism and in , just to mention a few.Singh has now founded Thesis Couture, a company dedicated to “load-balancing, interlocking footwear technology” and is due to launch her collection online in autumn. The company’s mission is “to create sexy high heels that feel great to wear”.