Filing of Research Papers with the Graduate School.

A salient difference between undergraduate and grad school is the degree of self-reliance required. New grad students need to realize that it will be largely up to them to teach and train themselves. The graduate supervisor’s primary role is to keep students on track and facilitate their self-education. The professor should also be a resource of knowledge and advice, but it’s up to the student to seek it.

The Graduate School only requires electronic copies of your thesis or dissertation.

A new version is published each semester. Students are required to meet the format requirements in effect the semester that they will graduate.

The Graduate Student's Responsibility

A note from the Dean of the Graduate School:

Hello! I'm Aisulu Harjula, a double degree alumni of LUT and the Graduate School of Management of Saint Petersburg State University (MSIS program).

This document will provide authors with general guidelines and steps to follow in developing and writing a master's thesis. These directions will provide the general guide for all graduate programs at the University. Each discipline, however, has its own style and content arrangement. Since the thesis is a demonstration of the candidate's skill within their discipline, the requirements stated here will only provide for a general common appearance to all Chicago State graduate master's theses and will meet the archival needs of the University Library and of the bindery. If it should prove necessary to violate these guidelines of the Graduate School, please confer not only with your thesis advisor and program director but also with the Dean of the Graduate School prior to submission of the thesis. Since this document represents the Graduate Council's policy statement on theses, the Dean will bring the request for guideline changes made by any student before the council for approval. Five copies of the thesis must be made. One bound copy must go the Library Archives, one bound copy to the thesis advisor, one bound copy to the Departmental Program Office, one bound copy to the Graduate Studeies Office, and one bound copy for the student. To get the copies bound, take them to the Library Periodicals desk.