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criticises memetics for at least two reasons: "One, culture is not best understood by examining its smallest parts, as culture is pattern-like, comparable to an ocean current. Many more factors, historical and others, should be taken into account than only whatever particle culture is built from. Two, if memes are not thoughts (and thus not cognitive phenomena), as Daniel C. Dennett insists in "", then their status is open to question, and memeticists (who are also ) may be challenged whether memes even exist. Questions can extend to whether the idea of "meme" is itself a meme, or is a true concept. Fundamentally, memetics is an attempt to produce knowledge through organic metaphors, which as such is a questionable research approach, as the application of metaphors has the effect of hiding that which does not fit within the realm of the metaphor. Rather than study actual reality, without preconceptions, memetics, as so many of the socio-biological explanations of society, believe that saying that the apple is like an orange is a valid analysis of the apple."

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I used meme for the first time this past year with my 9th grade world history class. They created meme explaining the philosophies of Enlightenment thinkers. Even though many of them used the same image, they development their own statements for each thinker. It was a great way for them to show what they understand about each thinker in a quick shot. Thanks for sharing this.

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Another definition, given by , tried to offer a more rigorous formalism for the meme, , and the , seeing the meme as a cultural unit in a cultural . It is based on the Darwinian with some modifications to account for the different patterns of evolution seen in genes and memes. In the method of memetics as the way to see culture as a , he describes a way to see memetics as an alternative methodology of cultural . However, there are as many possible definitions that are credited to the word "meme". For example, in the sense of the term is used to define a particular computational viewpoint.