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Speaking about the results of his research at a forum, Rimawan Pradiptyo of the UGM School of Economy and Business (FEB) said the KPK had successfully pushed both the police and prosecutors to deal with graft cases.

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The MMUGM offers three types of academic business degree programs: the Regular Program, the International Program, and the Executive Program. The Executive Program is run in two class patterns: Executive Class A which is scheduled in the afternoon and Executive Class B which is scheduled on Saturday (Jakarta Friday – Saturday).

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We were accompanied by our thesis advisor, Dr. Mridula Chakraborty, with whom we discussed our theses. We were also introduced to the Dean of Arts, Prof. Rae Frances. We discussed the research we would conduct at Monash. She was very kind and enthusiastic about our planned research in Monash, and expressed hope that connections between UGM and Monash would remain strong.
Aside from discussing our theses with Dr. Chakraborty, we also conducted library research and attended various seminars held by Monash. We attended seminars at the MIC (Monash Indigenous Center) and the Philippine Round Table. When visiting Monash Caulfield, we were also introduced to the staff and lecturers of the Australia-Indonesia Center. Several had conducted research in Indonesia, and they were enthusiastic to hear that we were researching Australian literature at Monash.
On the weekend, we were taken to Ballarat by Pak Basoeki. There, we walked around downtown before eating lunch near the lake at the botanical garden. We explored the botanical garden, which has statues of Australia’s prime ministers and beautiful flowers of all colors, and took several pictures there.
On Thursday (1/9/2015) we were invited by Pak Basoeki to come to the Indonesian Consulate General’s dormitories in Victoria. We were well received, and were served refreshments. We also met with Sultan Hamengkubuwana and Queen Hemas, Bapak Nadjib Riphat (the ambassador), Ibu Dewi Savitri Wahab (the consul general), Ibu Prof. Dwikorita (rector of UGM), and several other UGM students who were present.