I will try a couple of these widgets. Thanks for the info! Roberto

In the Thesis Widget Styles Plugin, go to the heading font style. Change the heading font to 24 pixels and pick Molengo one of the Google fonts. Select normal spacing, get rid of all caps and center the heading text.

 See how Firebug shows you the specific H3 styling associated with the widget?

Yeah, the next thing we'll do is take a look at my latest plugin which is the BYOB Thesis Shortcode Content Widgets plugin which you can download from here. The Content Widgets Plugin is my first published plugin that behaves like... well, that can be updated automatically, similar to all the rest of your WordPress plugins. Up until this point, you always had to download a new copy of it and then upload it to your site or whatever. From now on, I'm in the process of transitioning all the plugins over to this system and from now on, when there's an update to the plugin, you'll see it in your plugin dashboard just like every other plugin you work with. And you can just press the update automatically and it will go through the update process and you won't have to do anything special in order to make that work. And the first plugin that's on the list here that's actually configured that way is this Shortcode Content Widgets Plugin.

As you can see, the styles associated with the widget are as follows:

I just figured out what the problem was… I only had to do this for the widgets to work again:

doesnt seem to be enough to let the three widgets float properly. they are still stacked. im able to float them left or right… but not as a row. is there more CSS that can make this happen?

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