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are not the best ideas to present in turning point essays, let us offer other ways to manage your assignment.

The thing is that turning points essays can be less personal. Thousands of turning points happen outside your life as well. Here is a short list of turning points for consideration.

Turning points in lives of other people

Take any famous person as an example, investigate his/her biography, and write your turning points essay about big events in the life of this person.

Turning points in specific events

Yes, events also have their turning point, which gives you another way of completing your turning points essay. For instance, tell about turning points in the Vietnam War or any other event you are interested in. Or, look at the topic in broader terms and write about turning points in history.

Turning points in the life of countries

Do you think the recent earthquake in Haiti was a turning point for the country? We suppose it was. Write what the life in Haiti was and will be like after this turning point.

You can find more ideas in articles about a and .

Turning Points Essays: Points to Consider

1. Essays must be authentic (true story)

2. Essays must adhere to the maximum word count for the grade level:
Group A Grade 6: 250 to 350 words
Group B Grades 7 and 8: 350 to 500 words
Group C Grades 9 and 10: 500 to 700 words
Group D Grades 11 and12: 800 to 1,000 words

3. Essays must have an effective title (note that "My Turning Point" or "Turning Point essay" will not be accepted). Title is not included in the word count.

4. Student name must not appear on the essay pages.

5. Essay font must be Arial, size 12.

6. Entries will be assessed on the basis of originality of thought, clarity of language, organizational structure, use of conventions such as grammar and spelling, understanding of a "turning point" and impact on the reader.

7. Once an essay is submitted to The Learning Partnership, the essay becomes the property of The Learning Partnership.

8. Students whose essays are chosen for inclusion in the Anthology if Winning Essays will read their essays at the awards event.

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Please, do not say that you do not know how to write a turning point essay or have nothing to write about. These are not the problems, but rather excuses you have for not completing the task. Meanwhile, we know for sure that even several simple hints will help you prepare an excellent turning points essay. So, let us not waste time and get down to work.

Turning points essays: what to discuss

If you cannot decide on a topic idea for your turning point essay, you probably believe a common myth about this kind of essays. The thing is that almost all students think that a turning point should be something incredible, something that turns a life upside-down.

We want to stress once again that it is only a myth, and turning points essays can be devoted to many other events and things that happened to you. Just think about something that changed your views at least a little. Probably, one day you saw a homeless hungry and cold and thought, “How great that I have a home, loving family, tasty food!” Actually, it is a small turning point in your life that had an impact on you. Thus, do not hesitate to describe it in your turning point essay.

Turning points essays: how to write

Now, let us help you sort out how a good turning points essay should be organized. In fact, everything is simple here as well.

You are supposed to make up a story. What it means is that your turning point essay should be written as a narration. Think about the plot of your story, characters, arrange everything logically, add descriptions and details. And this is it! Your turning points essay is ready.

Reading about an essay on hobbies or a life changing event essay will help you come up with more ideas.