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Undergraduate Thesis Archive. This page lists all UW CSE student theses, archived online since 2005. 2015. TR15-01: PDF Winner, 2015 Best Senior Thesis Award

The typical length of an undergraduate thesis is 20-60 pages of double-spaced text and figures.

There are two undergraduate thesis programs in the Department.

Honors Thesis Program: This is for students who are in the College of Engineering Honors Program. They must follow the rules of the program laid down by the College which include a thesis requirement; the procedure for the thesis is described below.

Undergraduate Thesis Program: This requires written permission from the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Any undergraduate in the AE or ME program is eligible to write a thesis though it is recommended that only those having strong academic backgrounds should consider this program. Successful completion will be recognized by the words “Graduation with Senior Thesis” on the student's transcript and on the Commencement Exercises announcement.

Procedure for thesis in both programs
A thesis and the work leading up to it must be supervised by an AME faculty member who will be the thesis advisor. The work may have been done over several semesters or years including summers. The thesis advisor will make sure that the quality of the work done and that of the written thesis are acceptable at the level of an undergraduate degree.

The steps to be taken during the semester in which the thesis is submitted and defended are listed below. Each step must be completed before the next. The last dates for each action during this semester are also indicated in parenthesis. The necessary forms for approvals and signatures are available from the AME Department Office and should be submitted to the Administrative Assistant responsible for the undergraduate program.

Appendix A – Honors Undergraduate Thesis Requirements

Students applying for the IS Undergraduate Thesis Program must meet the following criteria:

All are invited to attend this year's Undergraduate Thesis Presentation Day. All are welcome to attend! This is an opportunity to learn about the diverse research taking place at UNBC and for students considering a undergraduate thesis to hear what other student are working on.