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Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory For All Children - As a child, everyone remembers having to get shots. My first memorable experience with shots came at age four. I didn’t understand why I needed shots. All I knew was this sharp thing was going to be stuck in my arm and it was going to hurt. Before I got my four year old shots I received my first set of vaccines, vaccines that people are now claiming are dangerous. Research shows that vaccination rates fell. MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella) vaccine rates dropped from 93.5% to 90.6%, tetanus, whooping cough and diphtheria rates dropped from 87.2% to 85.4% in 2009. [tags: Vaccinations Essays]
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Vaccinations Should be Mandatory in the State of California - Vaccinations should be mandatory for all children within the State of California as this will reduce the death rate associated with preventable communicably infectious diseases. Routine vaccinations during early developments have been historical proven to reduce the onset and spread of potentially infectious microbial agents. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, “Vaccines have reduced some preventable infectious diseases to an all-time low, and now few people experience the devastating effects of measles, pertussis, and other illnesses (Prevention). [tags: Pro Vaccinations Essays]
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