How to Write an Explanation Essay

Explanation essay simply means in-depth research of a certain subject, describe it and disclose the nature of the subject in a brief and logical manner. It is no-wonder why students struggle with their explanation essay writing; some students do not know how to write an explanation essay, while others simply need a little guidance in their writing through examples. With our essay writing service, we are happy to offer these services to students and help them get through their academic journey as stress-free as possibly can. Here are a few guidelines on what explanation essay entails.

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When you’re writing an explanatory essay your job is to shed light on a subject, not to get people to see it from your point of view. Suspend all disbelief and be descriptive, but avoid language that passes judgment on the subject. This is true whether the subject you’re analyzing is one that you like or not. In an explanatory essay, you'll use your critical thinking skills to show the topic from all sides and to analyze its components, not to poke holes in particular arguments for or against the idea.

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How to Write an Explanatory Essay

The word “clear” is going to come up a lot as you think about how to write an explanatory essay, and you should be thinking a lot about how to be straightforward and how best to be understood, especially at the very beginning. Make sure that the reader understands right away exactly what subject you will be explaining and analyzing. This doesn’t mean that the introduction shouldn’t be interesting, instead of writing "This essay will examine this theme," try something more engaging like "By examining theme a, b, and c, this essay will illustrate" to introduce your thesis.