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"Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation represents a collection of years of professional experiences in serving on thesis and dissertation committees. Having successfully served on over sixty dissertation committees as chair, methodologist, and reader in my career, I found this book to be thoroughly covering all aspects of the dissertation process. The student oriented approach the authors take in writing and organization makes it easy for students to accept and follow instructions. What I appreciate most is the last part of the book giving students all the encouragement and support for continuing with the scholarship of their dissertation studies. This is a book I will certainly include as an essential reference for my doctoral classes." (Tak Cheung Chan, Professor of Educational Leadership 2012-07-27)

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Writing the winning thesis or dissertation: ..

Writing the winning thesis or dissertation; a step-by-step guide,2d ed.

The third edition of Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation helps you see both the small details and the big picture process for successfully completing your thesis or dissertation.

"This is a guide that the doctoral candidate can read and re-read as each step is accomplished, seeing both the details and the big picture."

—Theresa Eagle, Dean, Graduate School of Education and Professional Development
Marshall University, South Charleston Campus